Ulcerative Colitis

An inflammatory disease of the bowl which causes inflammation in the digestive tract, the colon and rectum.

Symptoms Include Abdominal Pain, Bleeding in the rectum and in the stools, Urgency to go, Weight Loss, Cramping and sometimes Joint Pain, Eye inflammations, Skin Rashes and Irritations and Mouth Ulcers.

Probiotics have shown to be beneficial as they help to reduce the inflammation.

Omega Oils again have the qualities that can help to reduce inflammation therefore reducing the symptoms.

Oral Aloe Vera Gel in some people can help reduce inflammation.

Made from a tree bark native to India. Used for a number of diseases that cause inflammation. It does not seem to irritate the gut like some medication can do. You can get it in pill form and it is suggested that you take it for 8 to 12 weeks to see results. There are some rare side effects which include skin rash, nausea and diarrhea.

Made from the pineapple stem. It has digestive enzymes which can reduce inflammation.

What you eat.
It is believed that eating too much carbohydrate, processed food, red meats and sugary foods all have a negative impact on Ulcerative Colitis. Try to eat as much fresh food including fruit and vegetables and fibre rich foods.

Folic Acid
With Ulcerative Colitis you are at a higher risk of bowel cancer. Folic acid can help reduce the risk.

Unblocks the natural pain relief chemicals in your own body that may have been blocked. Many people find this really does work.

Relaxation Techniques
Such as deep breathing or meditation. Stress can worsen the symptoms so its worthwhile taking time out to try this.

Great for moving your circulation and the digestion process. Start gently and work up. Yoga and stretching exercises work well.

Althaea (Marshmallow)
Used to sooth irritation and inflammation.


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