Nicotine Addiction Cures

Smoking is difficult to quit but with a positive attitude and support you can achieve it. There are a number of remedies to help.

Nicotine Patches & gum
These work by gradually weening you off the nicotine over a period of a few weeks, this is a technique that many people have been successful at.

Very fine hair like needles are inserted to points in the ear for a about 20 mins. This pressure is said to suppress the desire to smoke.

St Johns Wort
Can be helpful to enhance your mood. But you have to be careful with this herb as it can affect other drugs you might be taking, It is wise to consult a medical professional first.

Many people find this helpful by relaxing you, helping you to cope and giving you the willpower you need. Always go to a fully qualified therapist.

Is thought to stop you enjoying the nicotine and therefore preventing the high and the addiction.

Is believed to help you fight the effects of nicotine withdrawal. It is wise to seek the advice of a medical professional prior to taking this as it can have toxic effects.

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