Menopause Cures

At such an important and life changing time in a womans life it is vital to take an approach that suits you personally.

Menopause usually starts in the early 50's but can be much earlier in some women.

Some of the symptoms can be:-

Hot flashes & Night Sweats
Depression, irritability, mood swings
Irregular, heavy or light periods
Disturbed sleep patterns
Reduced sexual desire
Vaginal dryness

There are many natural remedies to try and there is HRT (hormone replacement therapy) which is prescribed by the doctors. HRT can be risky and many women do try the natural way first, however many women do find HRT to be a god send.

Firstly it is important to consider lifestyle, diet and exercise. Try to avoid stressful situations and keep a positive attitude. Eating healthy helps to keep you body more in control and vitalised. Exercise has been shown to help keep hot flashes to a minimum, its beneficial to sleep and helps to control your cholesterol levels. Of course exercise will help to control any weight gain and it has positive effects on depression.

Soy products are thought to support the hormones and act a little like estrogen in the body. Soy products (phytoestrogens) is recommended as a supplement which may benefit vaginal dryness, reduce cholesterol and calm night sweats and flashes.

Some herbal remedies that are thought to help are black cohosh, red clover, chasteberry and dong quai.

HRT (hormone replacement therapy is common place today prescribed by your doctor, there are many pros and cons which should be talked over with a medical professional.

Acupuncture is often used to help to control the symptoms of menopause.

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