Everyone from time to time has a problem sleeping, but when the problem becomes persistent it can be a symptom something more serious. Always check with a doctor if you continue to have sleepless nights.

Natural Remedies for Insomnia

First of all it is worth taking a look at your diet. Caffeine is a big factor in keeping you awake so try not to have any for a couple of hours before bedtime. Also try not to eat right before bed, give your body time to digest your food before sleep. Sugary foods are known to affect your sleep patterns. Certain foods can help you to sleep, so throughout the day try to eat slow release carbohydrates, beans, seeds leafy vegetables and whole grains are all good to aid sleep.

It is well known that in todays lifestyle we do not exercise enough, even having a walk in the fresh air can help. Yoga is one of the most common techniques to help you to work out that inner stress, relax and exercise in one.

Relaxation techniques can be useful, meditation and visualisation are helpful.

Valerian Tea has been shown to aid sleep and relaxation.

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