Dark Circles

Dark Circles is quite common and can signify many things, to help reduce them consider the following:-

Fair Skin
It is more noticeable with pale skin and with deeper set eyes.

Thin Skin
As we age the skin around the eyes gets even thinner causing blood vessels to become noticeable. Sun damage can make it worse.

Hayfever and food allergies can make dark circles more noticeable. People tend to rub their eyes during a reaction. You may notice during an attack they become worse.

Lack of Sleep
Lack of sleep can make your skin paler and therefore make the dark circles stand out.

Iron Deficiency Anemia
Often your skin is paler with anemia and it may cause a bluish tone below the eyes.

Fluid retention can be caused by too much salt in the diet or some medications. Smoking can also be a factor.

There are a few things you can try.

Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.

Make sure you are sleeping enough.

Try to eat a more balanced diet avoiding salt, including plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Berries, tea, onions, beans and parsley all are rich in antioxidants that can strengthen the blood vessels.

Quit smoking.

Vitamin C helps.

You could apply cool teabags under on your closed eyes for 10 minutes, use ordinary ones as these are best.

Cucumber slices over the eyes are commonly used to help.

Try to relax and control stress, yoga and gentle exercise can help to do this.

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