Cellulite Cures

Cellulite is really common, most women have it to some extent. It can look awful but there are a few things to help to prevent it or lessen the effects.

Skin Brushing has been shown to have positive effects. It improves the lymphatic flow and the blood to return to the heart. Start by using a natural soft brush once everyday, before a shower or bath is a good idea, on dry skin. Work your way from your feet and work your way upwards and then from your fingertips, always working towards your heart. Then use clockwork motions on your tummy. Use small strokes and gentle pressure.

Consider your diet and include more fruit and vegetables, cut down on caffeine, high fat and sugary foods. Drink plenty of water. Also consider taking some omega oils.

Exercise is important as this improves circulation. Reducing your body fat can help to reduce cellulite.

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